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Classic Car Auto Glass Replacement

Classic cars are all the rage for investors, collectors, and onlookers at car shows and it’s exciting to see history in action as one passes on the road. With bright, flashy colors and distinct windshield shapes and bodies, these unique antique cars can be a dream come true to own.

Although popular and stylish, these older models are not the easiest to repair if the auto glass cracks or scratches due to the fact that classic car windows and auto parts can be pricey and hard to find. Some auto owners seek out classic car windshields and other parts in car lots and wrecking yards but this method is risky since the safety and quality of the glass are often not up to par. So where do you start?


Classic Car Auto Glass Replacement


Finding the right auto glass for older makes and models can be challenging. Cost varies widely depending on the type of car, age, and availability. Reproduction glass is a great option for a classic car windshield replacement. If you’re driving an older model Ford or another common brand, you may still be able to go to a local repair shop or directly to the dealership service center. For less common, more unique or custom classic cars, you’ll need to find a glass repair shop in your area that offers trustworthy classic car repairs.


AutoGlassMobile employs expert technicians who take their time and provide affordable, quality windshield installments on the newest to the oldest model vehicles. We make sure to break down the special concerns for windshield and window replacements for owners of older vehicles, even classic or antiques.

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